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There are a few do’s and dont’s when it comes to your teak decks  rubbing streaks, hand rails and furnature.

The first is a big DONT!…… never use a pressure washer on your teak…the damage will be done without you even noticing but it will be fatal for your deck. Pressure washers knock  out the soft wood from the teak, leaving the hard grain proud of the surface and rutted, the water will then lay in the deck and cause algea and dirt to trap. Sanding back is then the only cure.

We clean a lot of teak in the harbour, it’s one of the most enjoyable jobs we do, the impact from before and after is so stark. We use teak cleaner first to chemically clean the teak, then it’s rinced off and a bleeching agent is used to restore the deck to a bright honey colour.

We recently started to use a sealer following cleaning, with great results, the first boats we treated with the semco sealer back in January 2011 are still bright and very clean the following December. We have treated a few boats in the marina that we would be happy to show owners who are thinking of giving the teak longer term protection.

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