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We install bow and sternthrusters on all type of vessels. The type of installation, and position of the tunnel and thruster units depends on many factors which will differ from boat to boat.

We offer complete or partial installation packages. We can either do the whole job for you, that’s cutting the opening, installing the tube including all the grp works, fitting the motor and cradle, fitting all of the electrics and switches and charging circuits and finally testing the unit….or we are happy to simply install the tube and GRP works and leave the boat owner to fit and connect the 12v systems.

Page 31 Bow & Stern Thrusters

Our VETUS packages include the manufacturers parts and equipment required for thruster installation.

We have added remote battery, battery cable, and charge relay prices  as we always recommend a devoted thruster battery wherever possible to reduce loss of voltage over long cable runs and reduce the amount of costly Hi-amp cable required.

Hopefully this will give you a fairly accurate idea of the equipment needed and costs involved.

Vetus Bundles include Motor & Gearleg Assembly - GRP Tunnel - Control Cable - Isolator Switch - Fuse Holder & Fuse - Control Pad or Joystick Vetus Bow55kgf 12v Powerboat Bundle £1493.00 inc.vat Vetus Bow55kgf 12v Sailboat Bundle £1441.00 inc.vat EXAMPLE BUNDLE PRICES Save 20% on Heavy Duty Marine Batteries That’s around £25.00 plus vat off a typical thruster Battery rated at 110ah (Saving applies to  batteries supplied as part of a thruster package) ‘Blue Sea Systems’ Automatic Charging Relay’s Retail Price £105.86 incl vat Our Price £88.22 incl vat You Save £17.64 incl vat (Saving applies to  relays supplied as part of a thruster package) (Prices subject to change but correct at time of publishing)